"Lovers Brand & Vintage" is a vintage-centric brand born in California and conceived in Austin, Texas. "Lovers Brand," inspired by our favorite vintage pieces. Quirky & playful, the new collection effortlessly combines bittersweet west coast nostalgia, with a twist of southern vibes.  Go check out the "Bedroom eyes Collection", found on the Je T'aime tab section of our shop!   "Lovers Vintage," features a curated vintage collection of clothing & accessories for the true vintage Lover. Drawing inspiration from old photos, films and magazines. From French 1960s new wave films of Godard to campy classics of Russ Meyer. Our love of cinema and 1960's/70s psychedelia can be seen in our every day looks. Remembering a time when life was carefree & wild. A time where parties were "happening," From music festivals to underground rendezvous. 



Our Vintage sizing is based off of our US standard sizing chart. For international Buyers, please check the international conversion chart to determine what size you are. We will provide all measurements, however buyers should double check their measurements at home for a more accurate fit.


  1. Puurrrfect ~ These vintage items are in mint condition, no flaws to note. This cateogory also includes deadstock vintage.
  2. Excellent ~Normal wear from age, usually from washing or a hair line mark
  3. Great ~ Shows signs of wear from age and some minor flaws, However still in loveable yet perfectly wearable condition
  4. Good~ These items are normally marked down, due to its condition, scuffs, marks holes, & discoloration still in wearble condition.
  5. Fair~Needs a lot of love these items are not in wearable condition but perfect for designers and Diy-ers who can find some purpose for it.